Want or Trade List

Last Updated: …years ago; UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Here are a few of my TOP favorites I am looking for at this time. On occasion, I *may* even be persuaded to trade a commission slot or two for one of the listed models.

Please keep in mind that I may not always be in the position to trade or even partial-trade for any of the models listed.

Newer Models may not have made it to the updated list yet. If you have a model of similar caliber to the ones listed, contact me! I may be interested. ūüôā

By Deborah McDermott:
1.    Musetta
2.    Indian Fire
3.    David
4.    Persuasion

By Brigitte Eberl:
5.¬†¬† ¬†Arabians, TBs, Warmbloods, Drafters, Quarter Horses, Foals!!! Just ask!! ūüėõ ‚Ķ More specifically, though:
6.    Sharif
7.    Cerberus
8.    Lili Marleen
9.    Ginger

By Sue Kern:
10.    Aerial
11.    Horatio

By Linda York:
12.    Brenin
13.    Camaro

By Kitty Cantrell:
14.    Nitro
15.    Crusher

By Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig:
16.    Valinor
17.    Orinocco
18.    Otto

By Stacey Tumlinson:
19.    Traditional Ziryab
20.    Scarlett (mini or Traditional)
21.    Mini Ravenhill

By Michelle Platt:
22.    Wyakin

By Sommer Prosser/Rebecca Turner:
23.    Justin Time

By Morgen Kilbourn:
24.    Flitwick
25.    Bitty Bosco
26.    Hazel

By Lynn Fraley:
27.    Raakid

By DeeAnn BKjelshus:
28.    Raja

By Sarah Rose:
29.    Working Girl
30.    Brioso

By Debbi LerMond:
31.    Peasant Stomper

By Bogucki:
32.    War Chant

33.    Kilimanjaro by ?
34.¬†¬† ¬†You got ‚Äėem? Willing to offer him/her up? Send me a note with a picture and a quoted price on what you think s/he‚Äôs worth!

I am only interested in BODY QUALITY Breyers at this time, in the mentioned molds! Broken/damaged pieces welcome as well! Thanks!!
1.    Ruffian!!!!! Good quality OR Body Quality!
2.    Rags to Riches!! Good quality OR Body Quality
3.    Smarty Jones
4.    Barbaro
5.    Suscesion and Le Fire!!!!
6.    Oliver/Othello/Wintersong drafter