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RockingShip Studios CURRENTLY CLOSED For Commissions!

Due to my limited amount of free time – I have decided to close my commission books for the time being. Commissions have been a wonderful experience in that I get to meet new people through my art, but it has also proven to be stressful and sometimes disappointing. My work schedule, and therefore, my life schedule, is too hectic to allow me to guarantee a time-frame for completing commissions. This works for some, and does not for others. Even my ability to keep the customer updated on the status of their commission falls terribly behind on my list of priorities.

Therefore, I am closing the books. I will continue to paint and possibly offer sales pieces from time to time. Suggestions for colors and patterns are always welcome. My Facebook page will likely be the most up-to-date forum for studio news.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 😀

Commissions | Prepping | So You Want a Commission – Now What? | Showing Your Model | Canceling Your Commission and Returning Your Model | Shipping | Customization Commissioning | Reserving a Paint Slot and Payment Options


I typically work with a mix of media. Pastels, oils, and/or acrylics can be found on most of my pieces. I am leaving the chart as a placeholder in case I ever decide to re-open commissions.


  Traditionals Classics Little Bit/Paddock Pals Stablemate
Solid (includes dapples)        
Pinto Pattern:  
Minimal White        
Minimal Color        
1/2 and 1/2        
Appaloosa Patterns:  
Complex Patterns:  
Fleabitten Greys:  
Minimal fleabites        
Medium fleabites        
Heavy fleabites        
“Bloody” Shoulder/Red mark        
Rose Greys:  
Dapple Greys:  


Specifically, Large Traditional sized models (Like Equus Maximus) that are substantially larger than a normal Traditional scale model. (Drafters tend to be the only ones substantially larger.)

EXTREMELY ELABORATE OR DIFFICULT PATTERNS MAY BE A LITTLE EXTRA! This includes VERY elaborate roaning or paint-pattern markings, wild sabino, or rabicano patterns that boggle the mind. Pieces like this may be priced hourly depending on difficulty of patterns.

***Please contact me with a (preferably detailed/extensive) description of what you want on what size model, and I’ll get back to you with a price. Please consider the above prices as a general idea/guideline.***



**I no longer offer prepping on non-commission pieces.**

If you’d rather not pay someone to do your prepping, Rio Rondo offers tools and instructions on how to prep a model yourself! You may discover that you’re quite good at it, and then decide to take it up as a “side-job!” Good preppers are in high demand! Go to for prepping instructions and to see their line of Carbide Scrapers that are terrific for cleaning resins. Who knows, I may end up contacting you for a few prep-jobs, myself!

Please keep in mind that many artists now demand that commission models arrive prepped and ready to paint, or they will not even consider it for commissioning. I am willing to prep your model for you before starting the commission work, but please bear in mind that I may not necessarily have an abundant amount of free time. Due to this annoyance, I must retain the right to refuse paint jobs that need prep work if I don’t have time for the prepping. I also reserve the right to paint models that are ready to start before the ones waiting for prepping.

If I do accept a model that needs prepping, please bear in mind that the prepping process may add a few weeks to the amount of time it will take me to complete your model due to time constraints and weather (I have to prep outside because of the materials I use).

Prepping prices are as follows:

Prepping Plastic Resin Extensive/Seconds
Traditional $40 $55 $85
Classic/Trad foals $30 $45 $60
Little Bit/Pebbles $20 $35 $55
Stablemate/Chips $15 $25 $40

These prices are simply a guideline and generalization. Pricing will depend on severity of prepwork needed. Please contact me.


So You Want a Commission – Now What?

** Sending me pictures of how you want your model to look is highly encouraged!!

Pictures will HAVE to be sent with the model as reference as my printer MIGHT NOT print the same color you had in mind. If you print the picture, cut out a picture from an article, or photocopy a picture, you will KNOW what color you’re sending me. However, even with perfect reference colors, exactness of color cannot be guaranteed. I will match the color as closely as I can.

Simply write what detail you want from that picture (facial marking, interesting pattern, leg marking, dappled areas (I cannot guarantee exactness), main body color, etc.) and pack it with your model in an envelope (with your name and the model’s name on it so that I can easily keep track of it) so that it arrives safe and sound to me with your model.

*Please pick ONE MAIN photo for the body color you want for your model. If you find a picture, but want slight alterations, all you have to do is find a picture of what you want different (interesting patterns, a certain appy/paint pattern, a specific type of facial marking, leg markings, etc.). Just let me know what the picture is for by writing what you want from that photo ON the page itself, ON THE BACK somewhere, or with a detailed Photo List attached please! Since it will all be sent together, I’ll be able to stay on track with what you want your commission to look like, and I will be able to get started sooner!

Please keep in mind that I use these pictures to try and match the color of my paints to the desired color. True Exactness of color is extremely difficult to accomplish, so please do not demand it.

I ask for the reference pictures because this is how I have gone about painting my own models, and I feel that this method works the best for me. However, please do not send me 20 + pictures. 6 or 7 photos are reasonable, especially if you have several different specifics from different photos. I would say 10 is the limit, though. Please keep in mind that I have to keep track of your photos and not confuse them with my reference pictures or someone else’s. Thanks!

In the case of Portraits: I cannot and will not guarantee a completely accurate depiction of your horse. Pictures help immensely, but only if they are the EXACT color you had in mind in a decent lighting. The exactness of your horse’s coat patterns, dappling, and coloration is strived for, but cannot be completely guaranteed. As many views as you can possibly get (side, top, bottom, front, back, face details, etc.) will be immensely helpful here, and the photo limit is not as strict because of this. (But, please keep my sanity in mind, label each picture, and TRY not to go crazy with the number of photos!) 😀

**All cut-outs, articles, and photographs will be returned to you with your completed commission.**

***Model must be provided. – I may have models (as they came from the sculptor, or resculpted, or repositioned, or even sculpted by myself) for sale, in which case the model’s price will be added to the commission price.


Showing Your Model

I occasionally attend local model horse shows. If you would like (and your piece is far enough along), I can bring your commission with me and get it started in the show ring. This, of course, is entirely up to you.


Canceling Your Commission and Returning Your Model

You are always welcome to have me return your model at any time *BEFORE* work has begun. You will have to provide return shipping in this case, but you will owe me nothing! No hard feelings, whatsoever! You do not need to give me any reasons or justifications for the return of your model before painting has begun. It doesn’t matter if you are suddenly short on money, or simply changed your mind. The model is your property, not mine, and so I have no right to retain it if I have not started working on it! If the model has been prepped by myself at the time a return is requested, but is not painted, all I will ask for is the cost of the prep work already completed. However, I cannot return a model that has already been started paint-wise. If it is in the early stage of painting (the acrylic-gesso base color that all of my work begins with), a $5 charge is all that is required, and your model can be sent back as soon as the money for return shipping arrives. If the actual oil paint or pastel has been applied, other arrangements will have to be made. PLEASE contact me!

As far as canceling commissions goes – if you have not sent me your model yet and would like to cancel your commission, PLEASE contact me and inform me of your decision so I will not hover at the mailbox and fret that your model is lost in the mail.

If your model is on its way to me and you need to cancel, you will need to send me money for return shipping, and then I will get your model back to you as soon as I receive it.

If you have already made payments on your commission and need to cancel, PLEASE contact me! Depending on my financial situation, I may be able to return your money in-full, OR I may need to arrange time-payments with you. I will return all of your payments EXCEPT for the non-refundable deposit you sent with your model.




Customer is required to pay shipping (and insurance if desired) to get the horse to me. If it arrives broken, I will contact you. If you’d like for me to repair it, an additional fee will be charged depending on severity of breakage. Or I can simply ship it back to you in order for you to have it repaired by another person (or yourself), although you will have to pay the return shipping fee.

*PLEASE pack your models well! The best way I have found is to GENTLY but securely wrap the model in toilet paper, starting at the ears (a little between and then around), going over the head several times, down to the front legs (individually, then together), and then around the tail and back legs (individually, then together). Placing this toilet-paper-clad mummy horse into a double sheet of bubble-wrap and then putting it in a box FILLED to stuffing with packing peanuts.

BE SURE that the model has at LEAST 2 inches of room on ALL sides in the box (including above and below the model!!), then pack it with the peanut padding! Marking the box as ‘Fragile’ is a good idea, but is often ignored by the post office!

If your model arrives in a box that I believe is too small, a $5 box fee will be charged as I will ship the finished piece back in a box I obtain for the model. The $5 will cover the cost of the box. Extra packing peanuts and/or bubble-wrap will cost you $5 more. If you would rather I just send the horse back in the box you sent it in, I will not be held responsible for any breaks or damage to the model or paintjob that may occur in shipping.

Shipping and insurance (to the extent the model is now worth) will be paid by me to return the finished commission to you.


Customization Commissioning

Resculpting/Repositioning is not available for commission work at this time. I may offer a resculpting slot at some later point in time. Such an offer will be posted to my Yahoo group first before making its way to Models that I have already resculpted/repositioned may become available over time. Again, my Yahoo group will receive such news first, as well as sales, lotteries, and auctions for newly completed pieces. If you would like to be among the first to hear such news, please subscribe! You can find a subscription link to this and my blog, as well as my vendor sites, on the About the Artist page of this website.


Reserving a Paint Slot and Payment Options


To reserve a slot, simply contact me! Once I have replied, all you need to do is ship your model, pictures, a return address, and your deposit or payment (see below for details) to me.

If you would like to schedule a commission with me, but I do not currently have an opening, I can put you on my Waiting List and I will contact you once I have a free spot. From there you can decide if you would still like a commission or if you have changed your mind. I will wait ONE WEEK for a response before moving on to the next person on the Waiting List.


If I have an open commission spot, I will contact you as soon as I can! Once we have worked out your plans for color, as well as your chosen payment option, all you need to do is ship your model, pictures, a return address, and your non-refundable deposit (Not less than $50 for Traditionals – Decided upon individually).


I currently only accept Instant-Transfer Paypal, a United States Post Office Money Order, or a Personal Check*.*

*Personal Checks may be accepted if a substantial Positive Feedback can be provided by other artists and/or hobbyists.

In any case:

The check or POMO must clear my bank/be cashed in BEFORE I will ship out your resin.

**Time payments are perfectly acceptable. I require a portion of the commission as a deposit to be shipped with the model to be commissioned. This deposit will be determined individually. Further payments can either be bi-monthly or monthly. These payments, too, will be determined individually. Extensions on payments must be worked out individually and agreed upon by both parties. Simply contact me and we’ll work out the details.*

PLEASE NOTE: NO model will be shipped out until it is fully paid for.

**** Model must be fully paid within a month after completion and notification of completion or by the specified final payment date in the case of time payments. If communication attempts on my part fail or if no previous arrangements are made by the deadline, *All payments will be void and non-refundable!* and the model will be sold for what it is now worth at my discretion. ****In the event that you can no longer afford to pay off the commission, you MUST contact me so that we can discuss options.**** In some cases, I may simply purchase the model (at body price/what it is worth (using MH$P or other Model-Sale sites) for the average amount the model now sells for) from you. However, this may not always be an option. Extended time payments *may* be considered. Such cases will have to be determined individually.

If you have any questions or would like to commission me, please contact me!! See my Home page for contact information! Thanks for looking and God Bless!