In the Studio

Here, In the Studio, you can find a more concise run-down of what’s going on in the studio as compared to my Blog posts. I shall try to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

Last Updated: March 1, 2015

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In Progress Paintwork

The following models are what I currently have in the studio that I am working on for Sales Pieces. I am willing to accept reasonable offers on these pieces while they are in progress. (Prospective buyers will have a say in markings/certain customizations/etc. if the model is still in a condition for me to adapt to the purchaser’s wishes. Please e-mail me for details and further explanation). Please e-mail me for status updates and more photos, or visit my Blog!

Once the piece is completed, it will go up for sale at a set price, or possibly up for auction, and will be listed to my Yahoo Group, MH$P, MyAuctionBarn, and other such sales venues.

My Facebook Page or Blog may be updated more often than this page. If you are interested in a piece and do not see recent updates on it in either location, please e-mail me and I will happily oblige you with current news on and maybe photos of the model.

  • Soliantu by Stacey Tumlinson
    • To be a fiery chestnut with minimal whites. Possibly for sale upon completion. Painting Status: 25%
  • Heza Classy Chic by Tabatha Pack
    • I have two of these boys. One will be remaining with me.
    • Red roan
    • Grulla
  • AA Mini Striking Out Arabian Stallion
    • Suffered leg breaks. In need of repairs, then to become a dark dappled grey.
  • Mini Majestuoso by Stacey Tumlinson
    • Mulberry Grey – Beginning Paintwork
  • John Henry by Bonnie Shields
    • To become an intriguing appy-ed up fellow! Painting Status: 15%
  • Pollye by Eberl
    • Liver Chestnut with Flaxen M/T – Painting Status: 50%
    • Possible Sales Piece
  • Sheza Carnival by Sarah Minckiewicz-Breunig
    • Undecided; Prepping
  • Oliver by Sarah Minckiewicz-Breunig
    • Personal Collection; Prepping
  •  Evelynn by Jen Kroll
    • To become a soft, lilac roan pinto. Sales Piece.

Other models (not listed here) may find their way to my work table without ever being mentioned on this website. Sometimes I just can’t ignore their little nickers for attention! Haha

I may advertise these models on my YahooGroup, Blog, or Facebook Page without them ever being mentioned here.

In Progress Customizations

The following models are also studio upcoming Sales Pieces. Same rules apply here for “early bird purchasing.” 🙂 If you see a model that you like the plans for, but want to tweak it a little, let me know and we can work something out.

Keep an eye on my Blog for more pictures and updates. If neither has been updated on the piece you are interested in, please e-mail me for a status report and current pictures.

Thanks for your interest!studio_clip_image008

  • Breyer American Saddlebred Stallion
    • Customizing his mane and tail to a more wind-blown look. Planning a silver bay coat. Possibly with minimal Tobiano markings. Customization in progress
  • Unknown Make/Model Quarter Horse
    • Drastic Custom to a horse just taking off for a jump. See blog for details! Customization in progress


  • studio_clip_image012Custom Godiva
    • Resculpting neck, mane, and tail. Tweaking body. To be a child’s riding pony. In Progress
  • Stablemate Pulling Drafter Team
    • These two keep finding their way on and off the work bench. Probably both anywhere from 45-55% completed.
  • Breyer Clydesdale
    • This guy keeps drawing my eye and will likely be completed before any of the other models listed for customization. My vision is a war-ready unicorn! Customization in progress


In Progress Commissions

These models have been commissioned from me by other customers. As such they are NOT for sale. This is meant to be a type of status update for my commissioners, as well as an idea for prospective commissioners of what sort of work I do. Commissioners should be receiving updates via e-mail on the progress of their model.

  • Traditional Commissions for M.O.
    • Double Trouble – In Progress – 10%
    • Boise Bound – Prepping
    • Bint Soraya – In Progress 10%
    • Jacob – In Progress – 65%
  • Stablemate Commission for I. E.
    • Bitty Bosco – Arrived. Prepping and Pending color selection.

Commission books currently CLOSED. Future commissions on a case-by-case basis, hopefully opening this Summer

In Progress Sculptures

I have decided to try my hand at sculpting! I don’t want to reveal too much, especially since my spare time is currently employed in finishing commissions and getting a few sales pieces completed, but I will share that it will be a he, and he is shaping up to be a challenging little snot! ;P

Once I am satisfied with his blocking in, I may share a picture or two – though these rumored photos will more than likely to show up on my blog first.

All sculptures will be offered to members of my Yahoo group first, though progress pictures will likely appear on my Blog simultaneously. Then the sculpture will be advertised for casting purposes to MH$P.

Depending on interest in individual pieces, casts may or may not be made, and casting may or may not be done by myself or by a professional company (<– More Likely).

Ideas and Future Plans

For now, I am focusing solely on my commissions, my upcoming sales pieces and customs, and on my sculpture; in that order.

In future, I hope to offer a companion sculpture to the original one, and possibly start my own line of sculptures, though I will have to see where life takes me to discover whether or not this is even plausible. I plan to continue offering commissions, but these will be on case-by-case basis. I would like to start offering 2-Dimensional work, as well. There may occasionally be artwork for sale on my Sales page, and interested parties are welcome to view past works in my Miscellaneous Gallery.

At the moment I find myself breaking the surface after what feels like years of falling behind. I have no intention of surrendering my “artsy-time” any longer, and have discovered new ways to make time for studio fun! 😀 *raises imaginary glass* So here’s to keeping afloat! Cheers! And thank you, thank you from the bottom of my toes, for your interest in my work! 😀