Gray & Roan

Dappled Grey and Roan Hand-painted Model Horses: Splitting Hairs on Detail!

These particular color varieties are typically the most labor-intensive haircoats to bring to life. Extreme hand-detailing! But the effect is incredibly worth the effort!

Boise Bound by Michelle Platt in Bay Roan. Painted in Pastels. 2016 Commission. 

Debbi LerMond’s Bint Soraya in Rose Grey. Painted in Pastels. 2016 Commission. 

Sarah Rose’s Moxie as a young QH going Grey. Painted in Pastels and Pencil 2015. For Sale

Stacey Tumlinson’s Mini Majestuoso Painted in Pastels to Mulberry Grey in 2015. For Sale

SMB’s Sheza Carnival Silver Bay Roan pastelled in 2013. Sold

LerMond’s Mini Peasant Stomper Long mane and tail “romanticized” version. Pastelled to rich, dappled grey in 2013. For Sale

Keeling’s Mini Timeless Arabian Stallion is soft, dappled gray. Pastelled in 2013. Sold

Deb LerMond’s Rasha Pastelled in 2012. Sold

Stacey Tumlinson’s stablemate Arabian resin, Mini Ziryab. Completed in pastels in 2011. Sold.