Custom & Original Hand Painted Model Horses

Customization on Breyers, Peter Stones, or Other Plastics. Original Sculptures will be added as they are created 🙂

Breyer A King’s Mount Simple Custom Donation to SSLotB/SSLdL 2015

CM Stablemate Foal to Appaloosa Commission 2013

CM Stablemate to Cobra Mare Minor Resculpt – Roached Mane and Braided Tail. Commission 2013

Breyer Stablemate G1 Thoroughbred Custom to QH Reiner in Sliding Stop. Pastelled to Blue Roan 2012. For Sale

Breyer Scrambling Foal Minor Custom 2012. SOLD


Breyer Amber foal customized to a liver chestnut mule foal. Painted in oils 2009. Commission.

Old Breyer Quarter Horse Yearling. Customized by me to a filly with a new mane and tail. Had a touch of facial reconstruction, as well as a new coat. Completed in oils and acrylic to a complex Blanket Varnish Appaloosa. Donation, early 2009.

Before Customization:

During Customization:

Finished Product: