Bay – Black – Chestnut

Hand-Painted Brunette Models: The Various Shades of Chocolate!

Sarah Rose Khemosabi in Bay. Painted in Pastels 2017. Commission. 

Sarah Rose Khemosabi in Chestnut. Painted in Pastels 2017. Commission. 

Amethyst in Chestnut. Painted in Pastels 2016. 

Amethyst in Dark Dappled Bay. Painted in Pastels 2016. 

Seunta’s Firiona in Black Rabicano. Painted in Pastels and colored pencil from 2013-2016. 

Kelly Savage’s Babysitter in Liver Chestnut. Painted in Pastels 2015.

Brigitte Eberl’s Pollye in Liver Chestnut. Painted in Pastels 2015. For Sale

Stacey Tumlinson’s Soliantu in Fiery Chestnut. Painted in Pastels 2015. SOLD

Jacob as Dappled Sorrel Belgian. Completed in Pastels 2015. Commission

Stacey Tumlinson’s Mini Catalina in Bay. Painted in Pastels 2015. For Sale

Morgen Kilbourn’s Bitty Bosco as Dappled Bay. Painted in Mixed Media 2015. Commission

Adalee Velasquez’s Adagio as Bay Lipizzaner. Painted in Mixed Media 2015. For Sale!

Jasmin Ruhland’s Lilly Adorable Chestnut Clydesdale Filly! Completed in pastels 2014. SOLD

Gabbar Stablemate Foal- Commission 2013

Van Gogh Unsure of Sculptor. Commission 2013

Kelly Sealey’s Babysitter TB Mare. Completed in Pastels 2014. Personal Collection – More pics to come!

Kelly Sealey’s Very Little One Stablemate Foal Resin. Completed in pastels 2012. SOLD

Stacey Tumlinson’s Draft Stallion – Finnegan Sunburnt Black – Shown as Meren’s Horse. Completed in pastels 2012. Sold

Brigitte Eberl’s Arabian resin mare, Galina, to a dark, dappled blood bay. Created in 2012 with oils and pastels. Commission.

The Arabian mare ~ Stacey Tumlinson’s Arabian resin mare, Mini Ziryab, in a rich mahogany bay. Created in 2007 with oils. Artist’s Personal Collection.

Kitty Cantrell’s Draft-cross gelding resin, El Dorado, painted to a chocolatey liver chestnut. Created in 2008 with oils and pencil. Sold.

Morgen Kilbourn’s racehorse medallion, Elmhurst. Painted in likeness to the 1999 Winner of the Breeder’s Cup – Elmhurst. Donation piece. 2011.