Artist Bio

Well! After a few years of the same ole, same ole, this page is finally getting an update!! (*CHEERS!*)

VetYear1As is the usual way, let’s start with introductions! My name is Sara Bercier, and I’ve “been in the hobby” since 2006, if you don’t count the model horses gifted to me in my younger years. I’ve been collecting, painting, and selling resins and occasionally customizing plastic ponies for going on 11 years now; and it gets better and better every day!

Born and raised in southwest Louisiana, I’ve loved horses since before I can remember. My artistic side started up when I was very young, with my meager attempts at fat little two-legged horse sketches, and has since developed to include many sketches, paintings, and computer-art renderings of various equines and other animals. My love for the equine-subject, in particular, has continued to be stoked by the beautiful artistic renditions of the equine form this hobby is literally built upon.

In the summer of 2007, I discovered the world of model horse showing and found to my utter amazement that a show was held in my very own town every year in November! The best part was, the show holder was a very sweet lady that I knew from the real horse shows I attended locally. I thought, “No way!!” and so I contacted her, bought my first resin, painted my first model, and attended my first model horse show! The rest, as they say, is history!

Since that fateful year, I have gotten a little more involved in the model horse world – purchasing and painting more resins, gearing up for my rare, but enjoyable, show appearances, and meeting all sorts of wonderful, helpful people that populate this incredible hobby of ours – online as well as in person.

In late 2008/early 2009 I put my sanity and free time on the line and applied to LSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Becoming an equine veterinarian has been a dream of mine since before I can remember… and so I was shocked and awed when I was accepted into the Class of 2013. Eight years ago, I packed up my belongings and headed to Baton Rouge to start an incredible new chapter in my life. The ups and downs of a veterinary student’s life can, and has, filled many a book. But those four years will always be dear to me for many, various reasons. (See rare photo of me at top of page, haha) Understandably, life as a veterinary student and, now, as a full-fledged veterinarian is very time-consuming, as well as physically and mentally demanding.

Due to this rather extreme limitation to my free time, I can only accept commissions on a case-by-case basis. This doesn’t mean I *won’t* take commissions, it just means that any commissioner must fully understand that my veterinary job MUST and WILL come first, so a model may take a very long time to be completed [a completion date for a commissioned model cannot (and will not) be promised or guaranteed in any way. I realize this is not ideal for many people, but it is unavoidable].

I continue to work on my “studio horses” as I am able, and will, hopefully, be able to crank out a few newly painted models every year. Occasionally, a customized plastic or resin model may crop up, as well.

Now that I have returned to my website with better intentions for updates, these aforementioned pieces will be put on my Upcoming/For Sale page. Most of the models that make it to this page are intended for future sale and are open for offers! Should you “pre-purchase” a custom or resin, you will have a say in the markings/patterns (and color if it hasn’t been started yet) the model will eventually have. Please see the Upcoming/For Sale page for more information on that!

I have yet to find that “perfect model” out there that I can immortalize my sweet ’n sassy girl, Val (pictured with me here), on – so one day I may just sculpt her myself. 105_4105 (2) Looking at my current and future workload, however… That might be a LOOOoooOOOng way off! But! I do still have a custom or two up my sleeves that I want to work on – and maybe a draft mare or miniature stud I’ve been fiddling with as a starter sculpture… so keep your eyes peeled for updates on those!

I opened a Blog so those brave souls can get a glimpse into my life and the inner-workings of my mind, should they so choose. 😀 I do not update it very often, unfortunately, but there are occasionally interesting rants and pictures up there. You can see it here:

You can also Like me on Facebook! Here, I will be adding additional photos of current models, as well as posting about upcoming commission opportunities and sales pieces. 🙂

I post model sales and offerings to MH$P and/or to MyAuctionBarn. For some reason, I cannot get the proper links for either, but, if you would like, you can look me up on both of those sites under these names:

MH$P: Sara Bercier

MyAuctionBarn: My screenname here is “dreamweaver88”

Well, I think that about covers the basics! If you are considering a commission, I invite you to pop over to the Policies page for some must-read information. Any questions or comments, please direct them to me on Facebook, or directly by e-mail.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Collecting!