Custom Model Horses by Sara Bercier

Model Horse Art by Sara Bercier

Welcome to my Studio Page! Here you will find examples of my past works – painted and customized, with maybe a few originals thrown in for entertainment! – as well as a little bit of information about me, le artiste!

If your wanderings create an intrigue and further interest in my work and you decide you might just like to have a little one painted by me – stop on by my Prices and Policies page. I *do* require all of my customers to fully understand my policies before entering into an arrangement with me. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Each of the resin or plastic models I paint is painstakingly brought to life with a mixture of media; from rich oils to multi-dimensional pastels, with a little acrylic or pencil detailing for finer control. I strive very hard to make each piece as realistic as possible, but I consider life to be a learning experience, and I hope I improve my skills with each and every piece that leaves my studio.

After reviewing my policies (sorry for the length, but they are pretty important!) – Please stop by my Upcoming/For Sale page. Within you may discover a goody or two! Depending on my collection, there may be Unpainted Resins, Body-Quality Plastics, Show Quality Plastics, or even the occasional Painted resin from my personal string. (All Unpainted Resins and Body-Quality Plastics are listed with the option to purchase them as a commission piece.) Now and again a little something extra may find its way in there – a saddle, a performance set-up, a completely random figurine, book, or what-have-you. I may also offer up a few of my 2-Dimensional works if it strikes me as something you may find interest in.

The studio now has a Facebook page!

Please join us by going to The Facebook Page features more of the day-to-day type goings-on of the studio, as well as photo albums. Please realize that I may not be able to update this Page weekly, but I will strive to have a new post each month.

Any questions, comments, or musings – send them on over to me by emailing me at the link below! You can also stumble across a more direct link to the inner-workings of my mind as well as discovering what it is I’m up to by checking out my Blog!

As always – Thank you very much for your interest in my work! God Bless and Have a Fantastic Day! ~Sara

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